Sunday, October 9, 2011

Colorful Birthday Cards!

Hey there...does someone have a birthday coming up? Well...I tried something new here.. not a new concept...however, it's new for from scraps! It's actually quite simple...and I am totally addicted to using scraps to make card.
Set of six cards
When it comes to designing a card...I tend to think a lot! I plan before making a single cut of any paper. This time, I was little conscious on saving my time...and entered the scrap pile :) My idea was to use scraps along with simple cardstock bases and limit extra embellishments to finish up each card. Instead of using patterned papers...I used clear stamps to decorate each card.

Top view
Let me share a few words about clear stamps. Unlike the rubber stamps, clear stamps are transparent and slightly tacky...allowing them to be adhered to an acrylic block...They come in a variety of  designs such as floral, swirls, borders, sentiments, objects, animals and more funny shapes. Each element on a set of stamps can be inked separately or can work together to create a larger image...sounds cool right? They are amazingly easy to use...believe me, you can do wonders with them! I made these cards using the circle and dots stamps. Check out this video on how to use clear stamps...

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Anniversary - Love you!

Hello's good to be back to Nifty Crafty after quite a long rest. A lot of cards to make!...keeping my spirit high... step by step will get them done!

Here I made another beach and diving themed card for a lovely couple for their wedding anniversary. A simple modification of the previous beach themed anniversary card which was made for a friend of mine. It was quite challenging for me to modify the card in the first place. But with a proper sketch and many try outs...I finally finished off this card happily.
The card with it's envelope
Front View
The front of the card shows the "Happy Anniversary" greeting being held by the divers. This horizontally folded card perfectly fits two divers along with the coconut tree, cloud and striking sun which were made using quilling technique. It was pretty interesting to sketch and cut out the bits and parts of the diver images.
Inside View
The inside card was something I loved the most! A "Love you" sentiment which was stamped and embossed led me to emboss the hearts shaped stamp...which happened to go well with the sentiment. How nice to have the embossed and glossy effect on the card! I really like how it turned out...I hope the couple will like my work...wish them a wonderful happy wedding anniversary!

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