Sunday, March 25, 2012

Button Birthday Card

Hi all! A super quick post today, sharing the card I made this morning. This will be an easy card to make in different colors and probably using different shapes too. For this card, I got four pieces of patterned paper that are 1½" x 1½" from my scrap pile and I used my corner rounder to round two of the corners of each pieces on the opposite sites. That's how I got the 'leaf' shapes. Then, I embellished the card with two cute yellow buttons on each of the green papers and finished it off with the 'Happy Birthday' sentiment along with a little gold brad. The final card measures 4¼" x 5½". I really love this color combo and want to make more cards using these colors.

Enjoy and have a great week ahead! :)


  1. This is gorgeous, love the bright colours and the modern vibe! Congrats on your win at FMS. I really love your style!

    1. Thanks Lesley...You guys are doing a great job! :)