Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anniversary Gift

Time for more strips and coils! I was very much excited to make a wonderful gift for one of my friends wedding anniversary. It was their first wedding anniversary…and they both love pets…So, I thought it would be great to create a small animal or bird themed gift for them. Instead of googling, I bought a quilling book titled Twirled Paper by Jacqueline Lee which includes the kit. Yay! now I have a proper twirling wand, paper strips in different colors, glue and cute goggly eyes! Okie, let's come to the making…

(1) A twirly bird
It may look simple and I felt not much twirling work involved…but it took me hours to get those funky feathers! Gluing the bitty bits was the toughest part while making the bird. Overall, it was fun working on its curly tails and colorful feathers!

(2) Spotted butterfly  
This lovely butterfly was the most easiest I would say. At first, I thought its going to be difficult to get the exact size of upper and lower wings…but I was wrong…I made it within an hour! The antennae alone took about five to ten minutes…

(3) Peacock  
This guy is tough! It was challenging to get it done as the peacock's feathers was made with loose curls and it took some time to glue the feathers together in bunches. Next on the list was, the leg and feet with bent knees and "S" shaped neck. Oh not forgetting, the top knot…it was made with just half a inch of strip.
Bird + Butterfly + Peacock = A lightweight wall hanging! 
I'm glad that the couple loved my gift :))

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