Monday, May 9, 2011

Passion towards Quilling

Few years back, when I was studying in Singapore, I used to spend my spare time in the library...flipping some craft books, comics etc. One day, I came across a quilling book (can't recall the title) and amazed looking at the decorative simple it is! with just simple paper strips rolled and can make almost anything! flowers, alphabets, animal, tiny bugs, even aliens! woah ~ like a wonderland! That was the moment where I started to look deep into arts and craftwork. Quilling involves simple technique but you need A LOT of patience! even if you want to make a small swirl! Well, this is what I have tried after getting some intro to the art of quilling. 

I made my own paper strips (tiring task) and came out with the above result! A butterfly on a Compact Disc :)

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