Friday, May 13, 2011

For Her...

Every woman loves to receive flowers on their special day since flowers are one of the most prettiest and beautiful creation of God. Including flowers in your gift is an ideal way to make them feel special and loved. So here, I made a floral designed birthday greeting card - perfect for mom, daughter, sister, co-worker, special friend or anyone who adores flowers!
Tiny flowers and stems
I have created three pretty flowers (combination of gold and ivory colors) and embellished with a gold brad on each of the flowers. The stems were made of a strand of brown paper raffia which I saved from trash. :P The end of each paper raffia was tightly twisted and glued on a curvy cornered red card. The other ends were also well glued to hold the flowers firmly.
Finished Card
I often use ribbons on my handmade cards as it enhances the design beautifully. In this card, the flower bouquet is nicely placed over a gold ribbon which also can be treated as a grand base for the flower spreads. The flowers are mounted on an ivory color card which has a decorative border. This design suits for any kind of greetings such as "Thank You", "Congratulations", "Best Wishes", or "On Your Special Day". Here I stamped a simple "Happy Birthday" greeting.

So, come on and make your choice! Make her feel elevated and convey your thoughtfulness by sending this sincerely made card.


  1. Valliam - Love this card! Great work! Looks very clean and neat! I am sure this will make anyone feel special..!

  2. Thanks! I made this specially for my mom. Her birthday was the day before Mother's Day :)

  3. Nice ideas.. Need lots and lots of patience to make such creative stuff. They definitely stand out from the conventional commercial products that do not have the personal touch. These products definitely have more value. Sure winner!!!