Friday, May 13, 2011

Personalized Goodie Bags!

Time to impress your guests! :) These flat-bottomed goodie bags were specially made for my baby shower function. Believe me, it fits a lot of tiny and cutest favors! I stuffed each bag with a mini feeding bottle (filled with mini M&M's) , candies and milk chocolates. These bags comes in two vibrant colors - of course the blue and pink, the traditional colors that are commonly used for baby shower parties. I made them using blue yea it's pretty obvious... a baby BOY! :)
Front View
Side View
Well, different themes are available for your baby's arrival such as teddy bear, baby bassinet, baby rattle, safety pins, baby feeding bottles or yellow rubber ducky. I guess the diaper theme will be the least preferred one. I simply chose a baby crawling picture for the back of the bag. Below that, I add our signatures to express gratitude to our family and friends who made our day special!
Back View
Goodie bags!
Are you planning for a baby shower function? Get this bag for your guests and make the shower unique...There will be no more leftover bags!