Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blooming Fan!

My first quilling experience has given me the confidence to try out more, much better and greater than the first one. The ingredient is - experiment! I did a bunch of search in Google and found out the advanced techniques of quilling. Gosh...! they have something called quilling kit! It has a slotted tool, designer board, quilling cork board, paper strips, and more... sounds great! but I was just a beginner and not afford to buy those stuff at that time. I thought, alright! I better stick to my tools and try something with what I have. Actually, I wanted to create something bigger, bright and colorful! So, my second attempt was a paper quilled fan!


My idea was to create a fan that can be lifted and stand...but it was pretty difficult to glue it with a sturdy base...so I glued them on a piece of black cardboard. Oh wait...I didn't let my work unframed! I chose a nice frame style that goes well with the bright colors and give it to my parents as a gift! :)


  1. Some day you could try writing names using this, so the letters look curly and fun as much as it can get to... People like customized stuff. Here's an opportunity to explore that :)

  2. The art of quilling is versatile! Shaping letters by hand embellishes the message/greeting with more beauty! Thanks for your lovely comment buddy! :)